Reimagining Retail: The rapid rise of embedded finance within Europe's retail industry demo

Embedded finance is a disruptive trend reshaping many industries. Underpinned by the rise of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), non-regulated organisations can now offer financial products and services directly to their customers, opening up new commercial opportunities and customer experience innovation.

But, what should retailers thinking about dipping their toe in financial services understand about BaaS? To answer this, first we must first analyse the current state of the market: the level of adoption across the sector, the challenges and opportunities that retail companies are currently facing, and their plans for future investment in embedded finance.

This report will delve deep into these important topics and provide valuable, timely insight into how Europe’s retailers are embracing the disruptive potential of embedded finance, and what the future holds for this trend.


Turnkey solutions

What can BaaS do for you?

Our clients are able to deliver innovative, state-of-the art financial solutions directly to their customers with complete peace of mind, powered by our could-native, API-based technology and access to a European banking licence with all the regulatory and compliance assurances it provides.

New revenue opportunities

Roll out and scale your own, branded financial products and services.

Increased customer loyalty

Improve the value you provide to your existing customers with digital payment and banking solutions that fit their needs.