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Vodeno is a leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider with a proprietary, blockchain-based, cloud-native banking platform that can partner with any bank, licence holder or business to provide a comprehensive suite of embedded banking products.

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Cloud-native core banking platform: fully API-based, built with proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology

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Optimized to enable BaaS to multiple banks and license holders in many countries

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Provisions a comprehensive suite of daily banking products, plus lending

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Multi-country implementation: integration with local payment schemes and local KYC and credit risk data sources

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Scalable: services are Kubernetes-based and resources are scaled up and down in an automated way

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Flexible: custom-built, efficient private blockchain ledger, enabling smart contracts and other unique customisation features, as well as complete business-user no-code/low-code parameterisation

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Quick integration: services are preconfigured and pre-integrated, ready to use via API integration for end clients

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Compliant: services built on the basis of a strict governance framework with compliance controls embedded in the core architecture - ISO (27001 and 27017) certification

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Unlimited daily banking

International transfers, foreign currency exchange, Unlimited ATM cash withdrawals. Maestro debit and Mastercard credit cards. Apple Pay and Google Pay. All included with Premium Membership.


Easy automated investing

Start investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) starting with as little as €100. Fully automated. No investment fees and zero commission. Keep all that you earn.

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Low-interest personal loans

Fully digital loan application. Borrow between €3000 – €35,000. Use our personal loan calculator to find the perfect loan for you.

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Boost your savings

Start saving with one of the highest interest rates in Belgium. Your deposits are protected up to €100,000. Compare our savings rate to your current bank’s saving rate.

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Partnering with any bank, we can enable a comprehensive suite of embedded banking products:

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Daily Banking
We don’t follow usual patterns, we question everything we learned so far to create future-proof solutions

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Access to reliable payment rails is critical to any business: customers expect swift, secure and cost-efficient payment and settlement through international and local payment systems

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Savings Accounts
Saving accounts and term deposits are available in multiple currencies.

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Customers want a variety of choices when it comes to payments: embedded lending offers flexibility, helping you to drive conversion and repeat business.

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About Vodeno

We are an ambitious team with a shared vision

When businesses across all industries can offer personalised financial services integrated into their customer journeys, a new world opens up.

Vodeno’s mission is to enable embedded banking solutions for any bank or licence holder through the power of our proprietary cloud-native, API-based platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a disruptive megatrend reshaping many industries, where a company like Vodeno can provide its technical and compliance infrastructure to other businesses. It allows non-regulated organisations, like retailers and e-commerce players, to offer tailored financial services directly to their customers. Regulated companies like banks and fintechs can also use the power of BaaS to rapidly innovate and enter new markets. As a result, BaaS is opening new commercial opportunities and customer experience innovation to a whole host of businesses worldwide.

BaaS providers can embed financial services directly into any brand’s ecosystem, offering both the API-based technology and necessary banking licence. As a result, brands can optimise their customer journey, create new commercial opportunities, and increase customer loyalty.

Vodeno is a proprietary cloud banking platform that enables banks and licence holders to offer embedded banking. BaaS allows banks & FIs to enhance their product portfolio, and the VODENO Cloud Platform covers the full spectrum of banking services: ‘smart contract enabled’ core banking to accounts, payments, lending and investments, for retail and corporate end-users. Our solutions are flexible and modular, making them easy to integrate into any end client’s customer journey.

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