Access to accounts and local payment channels

Vodeno's single API integration and direct scheme connectivity backed by business expertise and regulation cover all the functionalities to immediately establish a strong presence in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Poland.

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Settlement Workflows

Settlement workflows

Facilitation of outgoing and incoming payments on behalf of the end-user.

Multiple Schemes

Multiple schemes

Local schemes of non-EUR countries, including instant payments.

Single API

Single API

All payments under one universal connection.

entry to local markets

While entering the local markets your financial institution needs to consider multiple aspects.

Local specificity icon Local specificity Minus icon

What is relevant to my customers and what connections are required?

Legal structure icon Legal structure Plus icon

Should I open a branch or would license passporting be enough?

Tax or Legal icon Tax or Legal Plus icon

Are virtual accounts possible?

Settlement in local currency icon Settlement in local currency Plus icon

What type of accounts should I get to settle efficiently? Do I need to become a direct member?

Relevant schemes icon Relevant schemes Plus icon

Which schemes do I need to support?

Outgoing transfer settlement workflows (Poland example)

Incoming transfer settlement workflows (Poland example)

Single API for simplification

LocalElixir/Express Elixir, SORBNet, BLIK
Local: RIX, AutoGiro, Giro Payments
Local: RIX-INST, Swish
SEPA Credit Transfer
SEPA Instant
SEPA DD:Core and B2B, Credit and Debit
Cross-border SWIFT within 16 currencies
Cross-border SWIFT within 14 currencies
Check Icon Full Vodeno’s connectivity
Check Icon Roadmap, readiness by Q1 2025
IBANs in local formats (DE, BE, PL, SE)
Instant payments in PLN and EUR and direct access to fastest growing local mobile schemes such as BLIK
Direct clearing in PLN, SEK and EUR
Intelligent transaction routing to provide most efficient channel and scheme
Unlimited provision of virtual accounts (vIBANs)
Exchange currencies at lower rates