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We combine our modern cloud-native platform with a European banking licence to give you instant access to our comprehensive Banking-as-a-Service solution.

  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Extend product offering and business model
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Enter new market segments
True BaaS
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Unlimited daily banking

International transfers, foreign currency exchange, Unlimited ATM cash withdrawals. Maestro debit and Mastercard credit cards. Apple Pay and Google Pay. All included with Premium Membership.


Easy automated investing

Start investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) starting with as little as €100. Fully automated. No investment fees and zero commission. Keep all that you earn.

Financial Services investing

Low-interest personal loans

Fully digital loan application. Borrow between €3000 – €35,000. Use our personal loan calculator to find the perfect loan for you.

financial services

Boost your savings

Start saving with one of the highest interest rates in Belgium. Your deposits are protected up to €100,000. Compare our savings rate to your current bank’s saving rate.

All banking services


Customer facing services


iOS, Android and web apps

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Customer support

24/7 multilingual Customer Support Centre.

Savings and investments

Customer communication

Full suite of communications: SMS, Email, Push and Voice.

Daily banking services


Digital onboarding

Secure end-to-end remote onboarding process, fully compliant with all AML/KYC banking regulations.
account management


Full account management functionality for retail and business accounts with European IBANs.

Lending and BNPL

Seamless integration of lending products into your platform: cash loans, BNPL, overdrafts. Enable your customers to receive a credit decision in under 10 minutes.



Comprehensive local and cross-border payment solutions with live FX rates for banks and payments institutions.


Card issuance and transactions processing in partnership with Mastercard. Optional decoupled debit and BNPL built into card.
Savings and investments

Savings and investments

Saving accounts, term deposits, and robo-advisory asset management solutions allow your customers to save, manage and grow their funds.

Business process outsourcing

Business process outsourcing

Wide range of operational capabilities designed to help your business. From transaction monitoring, settlement activities and reporting to many others.
White-label mobile app

White-label mobile app

White-label app for customers with ready-to-use products. Customised to your branding and accessible 24/7.

Other services


KYC/AML/AF management

Compliance out-of-the-box: 500+ controls to guarantee the highest security standards; 360 degree AML & AF detection; Compliant with EBA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 222301 and other standards.


Credit risk management

Operational capabilities for credit risk, payments and cards.

Savings and investments

Data and reporting

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Foreign Exchange

In-house FX engine: best-in-class technology combined with direct access to interbank rates, liquidity and risk management.



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Savings and investments

Cloud engineering

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About Vodeno

We are an ambitious team with a shared mission

When businesses across all industries can offer personalised financial services integrated into their customer journeys, a new world opens up.

Vodeno’s mission is to revolutionise the financial services industry by offering embedded banking solutions through our cutting edge technology, a fully compliant cloud-based platform and European banking licence.

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Frequently asked questions

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a disruptive megatrend reshaping many industries, where a company like Vodeno can provide its technical and compliance infrastructure to other businesses. It allows non-regulated organisations, like retailers and e-commerce players, to offer tailored financial services directly to their customers. Regulated companies like banks and fintechs can also use the power of BaaS to rapidly innovate and enter new markets. As a result, BaaS is opening new commercial opportunities and customer experience innovation to a whole host of businesses worldwide.

BaaS offers brands the ability to embed financial services directly into their ecosystem without the need to become a fully regulated financial institution. As a result, they can create new commercial opportunities, optimise customer journeys, increase customer loyalty and even enter new markets.

Vodeno combines a fully API-based, cloud-native platform and access to a European banking licence through its partnership with Aion Bank. We offer BaaS to both regulated and non-regulated entities across multiple sectors. We can cover the full spectrum of banking services, from ‘smart contract enabled’ core banking to accounts, payments, lending and investments for retail and corporate end-users. Our solutions are flexible and modular, making them easy to customise to client needs.

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