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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Partner

Vodeno is a certified Google Cloud partner. We specialise in one of the most demanding and regulated sectors and we are now using that expertise to help and digital transform other industries.

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Advanced expertise

Our experienced, Google certified engineers can develop and implement even the most technically advanced projects. Our solutions are fully supported by the Google Cloud ecosystem, however not limited by existing GCP products. Whenever any challenges occur we work closely with Google to develop new tools and services we need.

Comprehensive Banking-as-a-Service
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How we can help

We helped launch Aion Bank, a mobile-first, fully digital bank. Through the VODENO Cloud Platform, Aion’s IT covers all aspects of Retail & SME universal bank activities with hundreds of open APIs. Aion’s service is also secure by design with data security using unique customer keys with blockchain integrity control algorithms.
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Designing high-performance and scalable cloud native applications

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Cloud-native application development with web and mobile

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Cloud Migration from the current infrastructure to the cloud

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Building a business case for moving to the cloud

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Creating and maintaining the cloud environment

Global Implementation

Aion is a subscription-only digital bank, offering a wide range of services to individual and business customers.


The challenge
Build a universal banking platform 100% in the cloud. Develops and customises platforms at speed to meet the unique needs of each customer. Enables full, transparent reporting to banking regulators. Complies with stability regulations with active-active clusters in two regions.

The solution
The Vodeno Cloud Platform (VCP) is a comprehensive banking platform that operates entirely on Google Cloud, complying with strict regulations and allowing innovation at speed.

The results
Pioneering Banking as a service. Vodeno has produced one of the world’s first banking platforms to operate entirely in the cloud, complying with strict regulations while innovating at speed.

Spokko is a specialist, independent mobile developer, and part of the CD PROJEKT Family.


The challenge
Migrate application to operate 100% in the cloud. Deploy and Run in 3 regions: Europe, Asia, USA.

The solution
As a GCP partner Vodeno sp. z o.o. has created a fully automated CI/CD environment, with Terrafrom as an infrastructure code solution. We have used GCP building blocks such as: Datastore and GKE. The migration process took 30 days, transforming Spokko product from bare metal to fully automated and scalable solution, and prepared the company for a soft launch of the Witcher platform.

The results
Created in a joint cooperation solution, fully prepared Spokko team for a global launch of the game. Implementation of a GKE cluster spread across multiple GCP regions, accommodated for an international customer base and the design of a scalable, fault tolerant cloud infrastructure, allowed the Spokko team to be fully focused on feature development.

Customised solutions for any industry

Google is one of the leading cloud suppliers, constantly introducing new technologies to its portfolio. Its flexibility and broad range of tools make it ideal for us to provide solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

Over 100 functionalities to choose from GCP infrastructure has over 100 products to choose from. As a Google Partner our task is to choose the right bundle and design a customised solution for your needs.

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Telecommunications
  • Small & Medium business

Building on our unique expertise

Customer facing services

Thanks to our fintech background, we can also offer unique and technologically advanced solutions such as:


iOS, Android and web apps

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Customer support

24/7 multilingual Customer Support Centre.
Savings and investments

Customer communication

Full suite of communications: SMS, Email, Push and Voice.

Daily banking services

Multiregional setup

Multiregional setup

We have developed a multiregional active cloud setup – geographically agnostic and globally scalable

Regulatory expertise

Regulatory expertise

Our solutions comply with the highest legal and regulatory requirements

cloud security

Highest security level

We put emphasis on cloud security and meet the highest security and accessibility qualifications

Other services


KYC/AML/AF management

Compliance out-of-the-box: 500+ controls to guarantee the highest security standards; 360 degree AML & AF detection; Compliant with EBA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 222301 and other standards.

Credit risk management

Operational capabilities for credit risk, payments and cards.
Savings and investments

Data and reporting



Foreign Exchange

In-house FX engine: best-in-class technology combined with direct access to interbank rates, liquidity and risk management.



Savings and investments

Cloud engineering



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  • Trusted global presence
  • Secured, efficient data centres
  • Fast, reliable global network
  • Multi-layer security
  • Designed for high availability
  • Sustainability built-in

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