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We are on a mission to open opportunities to businesses and industries that are brave enough to explore new ways to delight their customers. We act as one team with the aim to make a lasting impact and invite like-minded professionals to join us on this journey.
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Explore who we are

Each of us brings different experiences and knowledge to Vodeno. Together we create a team of people who have an enormous drive to explore the unknown. To pioneer and be ready to test and learn. To fail forward. To innovate. To change things for the better.

We define ourselves with values,
which fall into three key pillars:

1. We are open-minded

We don’t follow usual patterns, we question everything we learned so far to create future-proof solutions

We always try to actively listen and understand the needs of the person we engage with – be it our client or colleague

We believe everyone is different and unique, and our teams are filled with diverse perspectives and experiences to create greater value

Helena, Technical Product Owner

“Implementation of complex banking solutions can be matched with a principle that the more experienced you are, the more you can say and do. This is often true, but what I love about us is that everybody who brings good ideas, is listened to. No matter how much experience you have – good concepts are always taken into consideration.

I experienced it myself when I was coordinating one of our large projects. For the whole time I felt I was free to suggest and implement my own ideas and approaches. It made me feel truly appreciated and trusted.”

2. We are principled

Truth and honesty are our foundation, so we are fair and treat everyone equally

We show initiative and take ownership of projects, but we are not afraid to ask for help if it is needed

We are team-players with one common goal, so we support each other - together we go stronger and better

Santana - FrontEnd Engineer

“Not a long ago an opportunity popped up. There was a need for a UX designer’s support. Since trying to design user friendly interfaces was an additional goal for some time already, I was offered to jump into the opportunity in addition to my current developer’s job.

It felt incredible to be given this chance to learn the things I wanted. At the same time I had support from my colleagues. I felt no pressure, as I knew that I can count on them in case I ever was in a pickle. I was told the exact things I would be responsible for and there was no overtime involved, instead my current position capacity was adjusted.”

3. We are pioneering

We use our innovative thinking and courage for the greater purpose

We are flexible to work in changing environment dealing with ambiguity on a daily basis

We have curiosity and boldness to act and challenge status quo

Tomasz - Product Owner

“Together we can achieve more. At Vodeno I learned that each time we encounter unpredicted events or issues, through brainstorming, communication and acting together – we are able to find outstanding solutions. This would also not be possible, without a pioneering mindset which helps us discover new technical possibilities to achieve best in class solutions.

In particular I remember one event when we, together with our client, created a completely innovative solution to the process of setting up a customer account. It was combined from several products: digital identity identification, PSD2-based credit application and automatic card issuance – all with a minimum of interaction required from the end user. This complex task required curiosity and flexibility from all of us. Success was possible because we communicated and actually listened to each other’s needs.”

Flexibility and freedom

Experience flexibility and freedom

We are a team spread all over Europe and we love flexibility and freedom! We believe these two come handy in order to create things and bring change. We embrace it at Vodeno. That’s why once you join us you can count on a lot of flexibility reflected in your work schedule, or work location.

We do not impose, we adjust to make sure you can be at your best at Vodeno. And if you feel like working from the office, there is beautiful space waiting for you in the following cities:


Learning runs in our veins

We are crazy about creation and innovation. We get that bringing new things into life requires a lot of knowledge and constant learning. This is why we often think about ourselves as a learning organisation. Sounds very corporate? Let us explain what we mean in practice: we give each colleague a budget to spend for professional development.

Would you like to attend a conference on a topic which you are passionate about? Do you want to improve your language skills? Would you like to get access to a training course? We trust your choices, so you pick your plan.

VODENO Cloud Platform’s suite
We are a pan-European Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider helping regulated and non-regulated companies embed financial products into their offering.

You can grow your cloud skills with our Vodeno Cloud Development Program.

We have been running the program since 2021 and are proud that Vodeno has one of the highest numbers of people with Google Cloud Platform certificates. Everyone is invited to participate in the Program. Would you like to join?

“When we were thinking of the Vodeno Cloud Development Program we aimed to create a joint platform for colleagues to learn and gain new skills. We are now a place with a high number of GCP certified engineers and increasing knowledge about the public cloud”.

– Tomek, Project Manager and a leader of Vodeno Cloud Development Program
After hours

Let’s not forget about fun!

We love to celebrate and to have some fun! All of us love getting together for any reason! First day of spring celebration? Sure! Easter? Absolutely! Summertime? Well, these are good enough reasons to meet!

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Our hiring process

Learn about our assessment

Assessment is a two way process: we check whether you have the skills and knowledge to work well with us and you whether we are a good fit for you. We know it sometimes can be stressful to go through interviews, so we do our best to keep our assessment process transparent and simple. Here is an overview of each step:

1. Send your application:

Show us what you do and who you are. We can’t get to know you better.

2. Take a test:

If you apply for a technical role in our company, we will ask you to take a test, which consists of questions and little exercises prepared by our engineers. These exercises allow us to assess your basic technical skills.

3. Talk to us:

If you apply for a technical role in our company, we will ask you to take a test, which consists of questions and little exercises prepared by our engineers. These exercises allow us to assess your basic technical skills.

4. Time for a decision:

Once you successfully go through interviews we will extend a job offer to you. We know the decision you are about to take is an important one, so will be there for you to thoroughly answer your questions.

Our benefits

We are flexible in terms of our contract with you and your work location

You have opportunities to grow. We support you with a professional development budget

We provide to you and your closest family VIP-level private medical care

We care for your comfort and ensure you work on equipment which delivers the best user experience - Apple MacBook

All of our offices in Brussels, Madrid, Katowice and Warsaw are conveniently located and easily accessible by public transport or bike

You can expect food and good coffee available for you in our office throughout the day

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

We are a pan-European Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider helping regulated and non-regulated companies embed financial products into their offering.

From day one, you will be contributing to some of the most innovative projects in the fintech industry. 

As Banking-as-a-Service requires diverse, multidisciplinary teams, we look for teammates from various technical and operational backgrounds.

It is a straightforward process that begins with a conversation with one of our Recruiters about your experience and ambitions. After that, a successful candidate is introduced to their future Team and the Product/Function Owner for a more detailed, skills-specific interview.

You can contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.


Search our open roles

We currently have multiple open positions

We can’t wait to get to know you! Have a look at the open roles we currently have and see if something gets you excited. We very much hope there will be a match. We are a dynamic organisation, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please check on us again soon!