Daily Banking

Daily banking bundle is a cornerstone of Embedded Banking offering provided by Vodeno’s sister company Aion Bank and Vodeno. Our comprehensive set of products: onboarding, accounts, payments and cards allow our customers to launch financial products across the EU* and EEA* (according to country availability) without needing a full banking licence. Additionally, the latest infrastructure and technical solutions ensure swift launch and scalability that fuels growth.
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Incorporating financial solutions into any business requires meeting both technical and compliance requirements. At the same time, brands recognise that the opportunity to expand their offering with embedded banking solutions is just too significant to miss. Choosing the right Banking-as-a-Service partner to implement these  products is vital to ensure success.

Our Solution

We helped launch Aion Bank, a mobile-first, fully digital bank. Through the VODENO Cloud Platform, Aion’s IT covers all aspects of Retail & SME universal bank activities with hundreds of open APIs. Aion’s service is also secure by design with data security using unique customer keys with blockchain integrity control algorithms.

Comprehensive daily banking product proposition

Single integration via API Icon

Single integration via API - no need to integrate with multiple vendors

Banking licence Icon

Banking licence (via Aion Bank) allowing a broad scope of payment and lending products

Digital onboarding Icon

Digital onboarding that can be easily embedded into any platform

Access to local payment Icon

Access to local payment methods

Quick time to market Icon

Quick time to market

Scaleable and Easy Icon

Scalable and easy to extend with additional products


Full suite of API-based products for Retail and SME customers






iOS, Android and web apps

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Customer support

24/7 multilingual Customer Support Centre.
Savings and investments

Customer communication

Full suite of communications: SMS, Email, Push and Voice.

Daily banking services

Other services


KYC/AML/AF management

Compliance out-of-the-box: 500+ controls to guarantee the highest security standards; 360 degree AML & AF detection; Compliant with EBA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 222301 and other standards.

Credit risk management

Operational capabilities for credit risk, payments and cards.
Savings and investments

Data and reporting



Foreign Exchange

In-house FX engine: best-in-class technology combined with direct access to interbank rates, liquidity and risk management.



Savings and investments

Cloud engineering


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