Gig Workers

Your workers are the lifeblood of your platform. Keeping the most productive ones engaged and coming back is critical to your business. With embedded banking, you can offer value-added financial services to help your workers remove the friction of getting paid and, in turn, keep the best workers loyal to you.
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Simple fact: gig platforms struggle to onboard new contractors. Also, gig workers have many choices, so you often compete to recruit people without a clear market differentiation. All that results in high acquisition costs and limited platform loyalty.

Our Solution

A fully integrated financial experience into your platform with a set of tailored gig worker financial products – solving their most common pain points – ready to embed in your Customer Journey:

Simple and Automatic Bank Account Icon

Simple, automatic bank account onboarding (authentication) when signing up for the platform

Branded Card Links Icons

Branded card linked to account for easy spending

Instant Earnings Icon

Instant earnings on demand accessible with a single click

Pay Advancement Icon

Pay advancement for all unexpected expenses

Worker Financial Lives Icon

Make your workers' financial lives easier

Group 39

Generate more loyalty and stickiness to your platform

Group 26

Retain and attract the best workers


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Branded card with an account for instant money transfer

Vodeno Content

The credit limit on demand based on earnings history


iOS, Android and web apps

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Customer support

24/7 multilingual Customer Support Centre.
Savings and investments

Customer communication

Full suite of communications: SMS, Email, Push and Voice.

Daily banking services

Other services


KYC/AML/AF management

Compliance out-of-the-box: 500+ controls to guarantee the highest security standards; 360 degree AML & AF detection; Compliant with EBA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 222301 and other standards.

Credit risk management

Operational capabilities for credit risk, payments and cards.
Savings and investments

Data and reporting



Foreign Exchange

In-house FX engine: best-in-class technology combined with direct access to interbank rates, liquidity and risk management.



Savings and investments

Cloud engineering


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