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Access to reliable payment rails is the key to any business. Customers expect swift and secure payment and settlement via international and local payment systems. With the Vodeno Cloud Platform, you get fast access to local IBANs and all European SEPA, international and local payments, including mobile and instant.
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Entering new markets, especially non-EUR, comes with a high cost of integrating with local payment systems to process funds instantly, cheaply, and with full functionality. Doing it right is essential to provide a great customer experience, which is vital for any successful solution.

Our Solution

We cover all payment needs; allowing full integration via a single API to local payment schemes in Germany, Belgium, Poland and Sweden.

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Access to local IBANs

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Instant access to funds

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Clear costs and fees structure

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Best and real-time FX rates

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Single API Integration


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Virtual IBANs

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Multi-currency Settlement Account

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Handling incoming and outgoing local currency, EUR and international payments

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Access to local payment schemes (e.g. Elixir, Elixir Express)

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Local mobile payments schemes (e.g. Blik….)

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SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Instant


iOS, Android and web apps

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Customer support

24/7 multilingual Customer Support Centre.
Savings and investments

Customer communication

Full suite of communications: SMS, Email, Push and Voice.

Daily banking services

Other services


KYC/AML/AF management

Compliance out-of-the-box: 500+ controls to guarantee the highest security standards; 360 degree AML & AF detection; Compliant with EBA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 222301 and other standards.

Credit risk management

Operational capabilities for credit risk, payments and cards.
Savings and investments

Data and reporting



Foreign Exchange

In-house FX engine: best-in-class technology combined with direct access to interbank rates, liquidity and risk management.



Savings and investments

Cloud engineering


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